Bienvenido a Peru

So I have arrived at my new home. The journey here was extremely tedious and long to say the least. 8 hours flight Nairobi  to Amsterdam, 24 hours layover in Amsterdam, 13 hours flight to Lima, 12 hours bus to Chiclayo, and 30 minutes taxi to Pimentel.

Pimentel is beautiful
Pimentel is beautiful

Pimentel at night :)
Pimentel at night 🙂

When I was planning my trip to Peru I made a conscious decision to allow to get fully surprised and hence I chose not to do massive research on what to expect. Let just say it’s been 4 days and I am greatly impressed. This post will just be 5 things that have great blow my mind away.

  1. La Playa – The Beach

So am sure at least 80% have had a split second or sometimes more, time when you wish you lived on the beach and could go take a nice stroll each day. I am now living that dream in more ways than one. My house is 7 minutes from the school and I walk on beautiful promenade each day hearing the sea break.

Its summer now which means by 10 am in the morning the sun is brightly out and the sun umbrellas are propping up one after the other.

YES!! I feel that this home will love me back :)
YES!! I feel that this home will love me back 🙂

Point to note, I live in Kenya meaning we have the Indian Ocean which is warm and crystal blue. I love it. But expressing the Atlantic with its dramatic waves and freezing cold temperatures. Am all amazed.

1st deep on the cold chill Atlantic Sea
1st deep on the cold chill Atlantic Sea

There are sunsets and there are sunsets here we have good  – mind blowing sunsets. For those who have stayed here for some months they have sunset photos in thousands each better than the perfect one from last time..

Sunset time
Sunset time
  1. Buenas Ola’s – nice waves

So Pimentel my new home is a small surf town in North of Peru. The North is generally not on the tourist map for people visiting Peru. BUT if surfing is your cup of Tea then the North is where you gotta be. Once again the Indian Ocean is like a massive infinity swimming pool with waves at only certain points.

Calm days of the sea
Calm days of the sea

Here its the exact opposite, the waves are great about 1- 2 meters depending on the season and surfing is really the sport for everyone. If you know me swimming is a chore for me and so lets say surfing won’t be happening anytime soon.

The traditional fishing boats
The traditional fishing boats
  1. ASI people – My colleagues

I have signed up for a 6 months internship here at ASI and my 1st shock was that 80% of all the foreigners are German meaning I hear as much German as I hear Spanish. Well besides that shocker everyone here is very pleasant and living, studying and working with open minded travelers is a great joy. It definitely annoys me incredibly when i seat at dinner and the Germans go all crazy with German but will figure how to fix that.

Karaoke with fellow students from ASI
Karaoke with fellow students from ASI

My Spanish professor speaks no English and as of now I speak no Spanish.. lets just say my class is very interesting.

  1. La Comida  – The Food

So when i decided to move to Peru my first though was South America Food will all be like my one love – Mexican Food. I have never fallen so short from the truth before. The food is utterly different, not to say its bad but its definitely not what I expected. There definitely some dishes that take me to heaven and back

Ceviche – essentially its basically a seafood salad consisting of different types of fish and seafood cooked in lime and is served with sweet potato, lettuce, corn, cassava and a piece of chili. Its is so fresh and delicious. This will definitely be  ago to meal not only because it’s tasty and spicy but also that it’s the local hangover cure 🙂 smile !!!


Other dishes I have tried out include Lomo Saltado, Pollo ala brasa, Arroz con Mariscos/Pollo/Pato etc. I will definitely be writing a post about Peruvian food soon enough.

Lomo Saltado
Lomo Saltado
  1. Peruanos – Peruvians

Last but not least is the very warm and pleasant Peruvians. It may be because I live in the city of Friendship or it could be I attract nice people in my life. Will never know the answer for sure. The walk from my residence is rather interesting, a mixture of curious stares, to shy greetings, requests for photos with them or straight  up flirting. I welcome all with a pleasant smile and an “hola, que tal?” – Hi, whats up?

Being one of the very 1st  real African person they have encountered in their lives makes me a walking attraction which may get old with time. However I have not felt any bad vibes and i love that those who feel the need to call me out say ” Morena” which means chocolate, who doesn’t wanna be a good dark bar of candy . lol

Me and the boys lol
Me and the boys lol

The older women feel immediate mother love and Beginning  their statements with “que bonita, que linda, que guapa, muñeca, hija… all this word are words they use with their cute little daughters. I love it.

That being said i have a feeling  – I will LOVE LOVE LOVE my time here

May the Next few months bring extreme joy :)
May the Next few months bring extreme joy 🙂
Happy in Peru

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